"Writing is in my blood mixed with paint for my creativity is merged with my soul."


I've been writing for a long, long time. In my youth, I wrote plays and musicals just for fun. Later it was poetry. Since retiring from corporate work as a technical writer and editor, I have been writing historical fiction, paranormal fantasy, romance, and psychological suspense. I am loving it.

Book Awards

My first novel was inspired by genealogy research on my Slovak grandparents, who immigrated from Hungary in the early 1900s. The currently unpublished manuscript, For Love of Family: A Slovak Immigrant Novel, won First Place in this prestigious book award program.


For Agents, contact me at pljonasauthor@gmail.com

Editing Services
As a Pro-Critiquer on Critique Match, I offer line editing, proofreading, and beta reading services to fiction writers. Visit this link to access my profile. (a free account is necessary)


Authored Works


Our Eternal Souls" 

To be Released Spring 2023. 

In print and ebook.

A forever love story . . .
Millions of years ago, Xenia and Yonan, a telepathic part-alien/part-human couple, happily married for four-hundred years and planned to live together forever, face unexpected death . . . in three moons. 
Worried their reincarnated selves won’t find each other in future lives, the couple attempt astral time travel to ensure their future selves fall in love and live long human lives together—while pending doom looms closer. Journeying to prehistoric France, ancient Egypt, Tudor England, 19th century Iowa, and the present day, they make mistakes along the way while learning about the future human world. Experiencing disappointments and setbacks, they fear time will run out.

* * * * * *

our eternal souls cover-front-web.jpg

My psychological suspense novella "Ghosted"

Sammy Paulson, a reclusive, phobia-ridden ghostwriter, is happy living alone in her mountain cabin. Until she accepts a major book deal to complete an unfinished manuscript by a famous long-dead author.  

With success comes a price.  

The pressure of a short deadline and an obsession with strange dreams with characters from the book, triggers old trauma and the resurfacing of memories from her past. Can she complete the novel by the deadline before she loses her sense of reality?  

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