About the Artist

Pamela has been creating fine art portraits and paintings for more than 40 years. Possessing an eye for realism early on in her training, she has developed a sensitivity for her subjects. She studied fine art and graphic design at Northern Arizona University and received her Bachelor of Art from California State University, Long Beach. Pamela is influenced by the works of Élisabeth Louise Vigée-Le Brun and Celia Beaux. She studied the techniques of the masters (Titian, Vermeer, DaVinci), and attended classes and workshops at the Scottsdale Artists School. Pamela is the founder and President of Portrait Artists of Arizona (PAOA) a 501 c 3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to supporting fine art portraiture. 

Pamela enjoys drawing and painting portraits of children and finds it a delightful experience. She also paints landscapes, seascapes, and garden scenes from her many travels. She works in various mediums (oil, pastel, acrylic, charcoal/conte, and graphite) with a primary focus on portraits and figurative works.

She has taught acrylic painting classes at Jerry's Artarama and Michael's Art Supply and is available for private instruction. Pamela believes life is but a process of learning and growing; if you are not doing so, you are not living.

To commission an original portrait or painting, please contact Pamela directly. email

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